Rock Climbing – A Good Sport for a Novice?

Rock climbing is a sport where individuals scale a natural or artificial rock wall, with a goal of not falling before reaching the top/summit. A novice to the sport should consider the mental and physical duress this sport can have on a climber.

If you have feet or hand problems, such as arthritis or muscle weakness, rock scaling may not be for you. Balance is a key element as well, so if you are prone to dizziness, fear of heights or vertigo, this sport may not be the best endeavor. There a few costs to consider for equipment, possible travel and any lessons or training you might need before proceeding.

Strength, agility, balance, and mental control are all put to the test when you are climbing. If you are an older person and/or not in good physical shape, you may want to improve your overall fitness before embarking on rock soaring.

There are many ways to enjoy this sport. Sports stores, athletic clubs and special climbing facilities offer lessons and indoor opportunities. There are climbing competitions and various different subsets of the sport for the adventurous, or those willing to travel. Rock escalating is ideally done when the rocks are dry and the weather is nice. If you live in an area with frequent bad weather, you may need to travel farther to pursue your sport.

Typically rock climbers work with a partner and use various ropes and anchors for safety. One person acts as a lead. Different rock climbing faces have grades to designate how hard a route is. Slant, distance between hand holds, the number of and quality of hand holds, ease of placing equipment and if technical moves are needed are all considered in the grading system.

Using one’s hands and feet to scale boulders or climb rock faces are at the heart of the sport. It is important to choose proper footwear when becoming a climber. There are several shoes made especially for rock climbing, such as Madrock women’s lace up rock climbing shoes.

Free climbing versus using a lot of equipment is the most popular form of climbing today. Free climbing is an individual sport that relies on your own physical strength. Rock climbing is minimally invasive to the environment, is a great workout, and readily available for most people at either indoor or outdoor outcrops. If you have the time and money to initiate yourself into the sport, rock climbing may be for you!